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7th Workshop on Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Ambient Intelligence (AITAmI’12)

Guanajuato, Mexico - 26th-27th of June 2012


Focus of 2012 edition: Context and Situation Understanding

Imagine a future where human environments respond to human preferences and needs. In this world, devices equipped with simple intelligence and the abilities to sense, communicate, and act will be unremarkable features of our world.  We will expect the car to warn us of hazards, track our location and provide timely route advice.  We will speak to simple machines and hold conversations with more complex systems, such as intelligent homes that will help us monitor conditions, track routine tasks, and program the behaviour of the heater, lights, garden watering and the entertainment centre.  Analogous systems at work will make simple decisions in our stead ranging from scheduling meetings to negotiating for common services over the web. Such systems will also acquire, and adapt to our preferences over time.  In sum, we will come to view simple software intelligence as an ambient feature of our environment.

This workshop will provide the opportunity to understand latest developments and take action to shape the future of the area by gathering researchers in a variety of AI subfields together with representatives of commercial interests to explore the technology and applications for ambient intelligence.  

The 7th edition of AITAmI will focus on the understanding of Context and Situations as key concepts which support accurate diagnosis and reasoning for the decision making processes that sustain Ambient Intelligence applications.