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7th Workshop on Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Ambient Intelligence (AITAmI’12)

Guanajuato, Mexico - 26th-27th of June 2012

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10' Opening
30' Poster presentation
30' Keynote talk
30' Discussion
10' Presentation of results
10' Conclusions and closing

Accepted papers

Daniel GARCIA, Manuel ORNELAS, Raul SANTIAGO, Hector PUGA and Martin CARPIO;
“Structured Light and Shape Descriptors for Automatic 3D Object Classification”

Enrique A. GARCIA and Ramón BRENA;
“Real Time Activity Recognition Using a Cell Phone’s Accelerometer and Wi-Fi”

Fernando ORDUÑA, Alma VALLE, Alán DENNIS, Javier ROJAS, Flavio MUÑOZ, Alberto RAMIREZ,  Iván LUNA, Guadalupe VASQUEZ and Karina HINOJOSA;
“ALDRO Learning and Mixed Decision Support Method for Mobile Robot”

Rodolfo AGUIRRE, Pedro BELLO, Ana Patricia CERVANTES and Meliza CONTRERAS;
“Generation of instances for the revision of Beliefs”

Miguel Angel LOPEZ, Arnulfo ALANIS, Bogart YAIL, Karina ROMERO, Maria del Rosario BALTAZAR, Victor Manuel ZAMUDIO;
“Optimization of a fuzzy contrast method for a pattern recognition system”

Leoncio ROMERO, Victor ZAMUDIO, Rosario BALTAZAR, Marco SOTELO, Carlos LINO, Efren MEZURA and Vic CALLAGHAN;
“A Comparative Study of Intelligent Bio-inspired Algorithms Applied to Minimizing Cyclic Instability in Intelligent Environments”

Keynote talk

Hedda Rahel Schmidtke
“Contextual Reasoning in Context-Aware Systems”

Presentation format

  • Accepted papers will be presented through posters and not by oral presentation with slides
    • Size: A-1 / A-2
  • Keynote talk will be presented with a presentation with slides.
  • After the keynote talk, there will be a discussion among all attendees, focusing on the challenges related to the papers presented in the workshop.

Other notes

  • Your registration in AITAmI will give you access to the whole Workshop program during the whole day.
  • Please arrive early to the workshop room to put your posters so that we can start in time.
  • We will place the PDF files of the papers accepted as well as the abstract of the keynote talk in a folder (called AITAmI’12) in Dropbox ( This folder will be shared among all the interested people, with the aim to facilitate their previous reading, and thus to take advantage of the time available for fruitful discussing during our meeting. For this reason, you can send us your email address and you will receive an invitation to join that folder. Note that to access the documents, you may need to register as a user in Dropbox, which is free.
  • Feel free to send us suggestions before the workshop on the topics you will like to discuss during the workshop.